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Once a Longhorn... Always a Longhorn!

Welcome to Bronte ISD

The High School Scheduled for Friday, March 23, has been moved from Blackwell to Roby with a 3pm start time. 


The agenda for the March Board Meeting has been posted. You can access it here.


The tennis schedule has be posted.  You can access it here.


The track schedule has been posted.  You can access it here.







Learn more about 


  • You can find the 2017/2018 District Calendar HERE
  • Weather related closure or late start information will be posted to the BISD website, Bronte ISD Facebook page, Schoolway app, KLST and KTXS.
  • Bronte ISD is a District of Innovation.  Please take a look at the plan here.
  • Bronte ISD is now a FUTURE READY SCHOOL!!!